Adohi was created in the mind of Professional Body Piercer, Tattooist and Fine Artist Brett Perkins. Seeking to create a welcoming space for all those who desire the artistic control and adornment of their mortal vessels and desiring to be closer to his family and roots after a decade and a half of Southern California living, Brett decided to head East. He hoped for a slower paced, more peaceful life and was immediately inspired by the word Serenity (Do-Hi in Cherokee). He contemplated the term for several months and its similarities with the Cherokee word A-Do-Hi, which usually denotes a wooded place or forest. Brett’s time in Los Angeles had removed much of the forest from his day to day life, he had to plan specific trips and drive for hours to be sheltered by the branches of the pine trees. He would use these camping trips to recharge and reminisce on the times of his youth when a stroll among the pines was just a short walk from the front door. When he sought solace and serenity in California, he found it in the forest, in the pines. What could be more serene than the sheltered bosom of mother nature which has sustained generations before us; what could illustrate serenity better than the word for where it resides? Thus Adohi was the name chosen to represent a new home for lovers of body modification.

Adohi is located at 5105 Cemetery Road in the historic city of Hilliard, Ohio. This building has been a continuously run tattoo studio for over fifteen years. First housing Argus Tattoo and then later Luxury Tattoo, Adohi appreciates the historical value the location offers and hopes to continue this legacy of Hilliard tattooing for many years to come. As far as we can tell at the time of this printing it is the only tattoo studio currently within the city limits of Hilliard, some competitors lay just beyond the Columbus city line close enough to appear a part of Hilliard, but in actuality are not.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible body adornment experience. Adohi hosts a diverse group of some of the best custom tattoo artists. We stock jewelry from only the finest manufacturers that deal in implant grade/bio-compatible materials and we have an in-house jewelry studio that can manufacture custom orders as well. We have learned the art of jewelry making so that we can further customize the piercing experience to meet the individual needs of each client. We are all dedicated to staying on the forefront of health and safety advancements, employing active air removal autoclave sterilizers and fully disposable implements. We never reuse any devices, even on the same client.

Because of our unwavering commitment to this mission, we highly suggest making an appointment (even if it is just for a free consultation) so that we may dedicate our focus on your needs without any distraction. Thank you for your time, we look forward to meeting you in person.

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