Brett Perkins has been a professional body piercer since the late 1990s. He was first mentored in the craft by Mark Wiseman on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Upon completion of his apprenticeship he ventured out to practice first in Lincoln, NE and then New Orleans, LA where he furthered his experience at World Class Tattoos on the Westbank. The new millenium found him in Southern California where he would stay for the next fifteen years, first at Rif Raf Body Piercing in Newport Beach under the watchful eye of Ardee Allen. While in Newport Beach Brett was invited to be a guest lecturer on more than one occasion at Orange Coast College, speaking specifically to Psychology and Sociology students about the role of body modification in Human Sexuality.

In 2002 he moved North to Anaheim and on to Kari Barba’s world famous Outer Limits Tattoo and Body Piercing. At Outer Limits Brett attended his first Association of Professional Piercers educational conference in Las Vegas in 2003. There he continued learning about anatomy and body piercing, including implantation standards for metal alloys and networking with some of the best piercers in the world.

In 2004 Brett was instrumental in helping to create Anomaly Studios, a piercing only establishment in the city of Pasadena, CA and he continued to run the business until he closed it and moved away in November of 2015. Brett joined the Association of Professional Piercers for the first time during Anomaly’s inaugural year and before long the Association invited him to teach an alternative aftercare and wound healing class to professional piercers from all over the world. This would not be his last appearance as an instructor, as he was invited back multiple times to teach a grounding and bedside manner course for the organization as well. In addition to his work as an APP instructor, Brett represented the organization in Costa Mesa, CA at Orange County’s first body art trade conference. While he is no longer a member of the organization he recognizes and supports their mission to disseminate health and safety information related to body piercing. He taught seminars at several Southern California area tattoo conventions over the years and he traveled the globe performing guest spots and offering consultation services to body piercing studios. Around this time he also was asked to be a co-teacher of a safe body piercing seminar for the Nursing students of Citrus College in Glendora, CA. He has served as a CPR, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens instructor for organizations like the American Red Cross.

During Anomaly’s eleven year existence Brett branched out into making jewelry. He was a member of the Culver City Rock and Mineral Club, where he learned about cutting and polishing stones, and he set up a work shop where he made custom wood, stone and base metal jewelry for stretched ear lobes. In time he expanded into working with precious metals and forming more intricate pieces for other piercings as well, including nostrils and cartilage. Many clients in the greater Los Angeles area are proudly wearing jewelry he made for them, some with semi-precious stones he cut and set by hand. He proudly brings this experience of customizing and individualizing jewelry to Hilliard for the benefit of his Ohio clients.

Brett Perkins is a tool-free piercer, performing most piercings without the use of forceps or clamps. Many clients find this experience more comfortable than tight forceps that can bruise or irritate areas of skin being pierced. Brett prefers to limit the amount of devices being used during a piercing procedure for the safety of his clients as well as their comfort. In many studios tools are reprocessed and reused between clients. Although the law allows for this if properly sterilized, Brett recognizes the potential for human error and would prefer to eliminate the possibility of introducing anything used on another person directly to his clients. With this in mind, he has developed his technique to make sure that all items used are disposed of after each client. The entire Adohi staff adheres to this policy.

In addition to his time spent as a professional piercer, a piercing educator and a body jewelry manufacturer over the last 20-plus years; Brett also enjoys camping and hiking, hanging out with animals, playing any musical instrument he can get his hands on, painting, reading and writing, and travel. He feels honored when clients allow him to be a part of their modification transformation and lives for those solemn moments in the procedure room of bonding and body reclamation. Book an appointment with Brett today by texting our studio at 614-767-5003 and asking to book with him.

Here are some reviews of Brett’s services over the years in previous clients’ own words:

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